About Us

IBC Mission Statement

IBC is a transformation partner that improves profitability by finding inefficiencies and correcting them, by finding opportunities and monetizing them, and by guiding and motivating people to achieve success.

Message from Ivo Janko, Business Consultant and Owner of IBC

In today’s hyper-competitive business environment, being ahead of your opponents involves devising the correct strategies, implementing efficient business processes, integrating cutting edge technologies, and aligning with the right business partners who can add value and exposure. It is this very philosophy that underlines our approach of helping our clients transform their businesses and create a vibrant new future.

After spending over 25 years in the field of management advice and solutions, I have successfully assisted hundreds of clients, in small, medium and large business environments, utilizing my diverse portfolio of service offerings including corporate finance and strategy consulting, crisis management, and the organization and coordination of major organizational transitions.

In my quest to meet a client’s challenging business needs, I have consistently invested in new partnerships, introduced innovative concepts, and pioneered new methodologies. Allow me then, to invite you to further explore IBC’s services in the SERVICES section of this website.

I look forward to working with and for you, discussing the critical business problems you face, and offering you pertinent solutions. At IBC, your success is our business, and there are hundreds of success stories to prove it. I’m looking forward to making yours one of them.

Ivo Janko Professional Profile

Ivo Janko is a true business generalist. His professional career includes hands-on experience in management consulting positions covering many industries and organizations of all sizes. The broad range of Ivo’s consulting practice has allowed him to develop a large toolbox from which he can select and apply specific tools and remedies optimal for each specific business situation. These include diagnosis, treatment plans and treatment implementations as well as the evaluation of results. Success depends on the ability to quickly and efficiently identify the key and critical problems and their impact within a unique environment of each organization.