As a transformation partner, IBC offers a large variety of services and solutions with the aim of serving our clients holistically across their plans of business transformation. Combined, this set of services and solutions offers a unique blend of transformational strategies for companies who wish to reshape themselves to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The business transformation path for every organization is unique. For instance, one strategy for change may entail enterprise systems deployment, organizational redesign, or financial restructuring. Another organization’s priorities may be entirely different, such as customer loyalty, outsourcing, or crisis management. Contact IBC to discuss your situation and let us propose a strategy specific to your needs.

A few of the areas we can help with:

Business Building

  • Business plans and feasibility studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Process management


  • Accounting
  • Managing cash flow crises
  • Projecting, monitoring, and troubleshooting operating cash-flow
  • Setting up multiple currency financial systems organization and operations
  • Troubleshooting problems in accounting methodology and accounting systems
  • Creating accurate and realistic plans, forecasts and budgets
  • Accounting methodology, systems and reports
  • Actionable interpretation of financial information
  • Negotiating financial agreements


  • Establishing proper operational structures
  • Operations efficiency


  • Asset management (including Real Estate)
  • Acquisitions and new entity integration
  • Conflict resolution and mediation
  • Crisis management
  • Creating custom designed management tools
  • Facilitating meetings and workshops
  • Organizing and delivering training programs
  • Project management
  • Procurement