Client: $1M start-up based in Calgary, Alberta
Target: Build a sound and complete business foundation to support and facilitate growth.

When we met, this business was surviving on the raw energy and enthusiasm of its young management team and staff. The business lacked structure, processes, reliable systems, experience and competent leadership.

The goal was to determine the order of the most urgent priorities, and consequently develop a critical path implementation plan. The process of implementation had to consider chronic cash flow pressures frequently flaring up into a full blown crisis.

At the end of the project, the company enjoyed a reliable and accurate accounting system based on clearly defined business processes, and the staff benefited from a competitive package of market based pay and benefits. A major working capital injection secured via a line of credit helped develop product selection and inventory for new markets. Total sales reached $10M annually.

Ivo Janko has a remarkable ability to analyze a companies operations, provide both factually driven and intuitive insight, and follow this through with straightforward recommendations. — Jonathan Koops, VP Sales & Marketing


Client: $100M catalogue sales company based in Boulder, Colorado.
Target: Acquisition of a $20M yoga product and video production and distribution company operating in Santa Monica, California.

There were many issues related to the financial health of the acquisition target, its corporate culture and the value of its contribution to the client’s plans for a soon to happen IPO.

The consulting project included due diligence audit, financial position analysis, team and management evaluation, analysis of the product market position and its trends as the interim steps. Upon conclusion of this process the final evaluation was articulated and an optimal method of integration into the client’s operations was recommended. Once approved the consultant assisted with implementation of the recommended steps.

The acquisition was successfully completed and it also assisted the client in strengthening its position when launching its IPO a few months later.

Ivo’s performance and quality of work led us to be dependent on his expertise. The best testimonial that I can provide is that based on my experience with Ivo, I offered him the position of Financial Controller for Healing Arts Publishing. — Firoz Jamal, CFO


Client: One of the largest Construction, Procurement and Engineering companies in the world with a staff totaling 50,000 employees worldwide, based in Calgary, Alberta.
Target: Solve a legacy accounting system issue.

In an early stage of SAP implementation, a large (growing) and mysterious discrepancy was discovered in the legacy system. The internal audits conducted by the in-house experts failed to offer a plausible explanation and acceptable solution. The growing magnitude of this problem negatively impacted the company’s reporting obligations as a publicly traded entity.

This consulting engagement required a selective application of various forensic analytical methods including statistical correlations, regression analysis and an accounting methodology survey.

The final report to the client precisely identified the time, origin, and cause of the issue, and offered a simple, yet effective remedy. The SAP implementation process could continue without undue delays and the integrity of corporate financial reports was re-established.